An project

Proposal to conduct in-house CSC development.

  • Tiago Ribeiro
  • Patrick Ingraham


This documents presents a proposal to have vendors, notably for the TMA and Dome, focus on the development of low-level functionality of their component and de-scope development of CSCs, resulting in in-house development using Python/SalObj. Although it appears as an increase in scope to the T&S software (TSSW) team, previous experience has demonstrated that a lack of strict requirements and guidance on CSC development has yielded unfavorable results that have become challenging to understand, maintain, deploy and upgrade. In-house development will ensures uniformity across CSCs and will provide the required functionality. The timing to pursue such changes is important as CSC development for the TMA and Dome is an a very early stage and having the contractors focus on low-level functionality will increase their delivery times and therefore should reduce their schedule. This proposal is aimed at helping current vendor schedules. It is not suggesting paying any additional funds for it to be implemented.